First Christian Disciples of Christ, Benton, IL


Weekend Lunch Bag Ministry

One of the ministries offered through First Christian Church is the Weekend Lunch Bag Ministry. Started in 2008, the purpose of this ministry is to provide food (via brown lunch bags) to Middle School children whose only source of nutrition comes from school. It was brought to our attention a while back that many children would go home on Friday and not eat again until Monday. The school was their only source of food. Our Young Adult Group decided to act and through the continuous donations from church members and friends, we are able to provide sack lunches to hungry children. If you would like to help support this ministry, please send your monetary donation to First Christian Church at 302 S. Main Benton, IL 62812.

Benton / West City Ministerial Alliance

First Christian Church is a proud member of the Benton/West City Ministerial Alliance. The Alliance is comprised of several local churches, working together within the community in many ways – one of which is through the Food Pantry. The Pantry provides an array of assistance to those in need – assistance in the form of food, fresh veggies and financial (when available). FCC also partners with the Alliance in the packing and delivering of Christmas Food Baskets, the preparation and serving of the Summer Lunch Program and in the community worship services.

Church Camp

First Christian Church is a supporter of Camp Walter Scott, located in Dietrich, IL. Camp Walter Scott is a year-round retreat facility. Sponsored youth camps run seven to eight weeks during the summer months and are structured for relaxation, recreation, fellowship and worship. One of the camps offered is LOGOS and it has been our joy to send an average of 14 kids per year to this camp. In fact, in 2009, three of our very own youth were named to the Camp Council. For more info, visit their website